FlexSize Express

FlexSize Express Beta 1.4.38

Get a visual analysis of storage distribution in hard drives


  • Fast analysis
  • Support for profiles
  • List can be exported to several formats


  • Results can't be saved
  • No pie charts


FlexSize Express gives you a visual perspective about the way storage is distributed in your hard drive, removable drive or even in any folder. It performs a fast folder system analysis and then displays a list with a graphic bar that shows the percentage of total room taken by each folder and file. As the program has support for profiles, you can create a few of them and assign different drives and folders for each one.

The results can be exported to several formats, such as HTML, CSV and TXT, but it can't be saved on the hard drive. Also, I missed the possibility of creating graphical pie charts, which are far more visually attractive and self-explaining than just a simple colored bar.

FlexSize Express analyzes your disks, folders and removable devices for a better storage distribution.

From time to time people are running out of storage space and urgently starting to look what may be deleted to free-up the required X Giga Bytes of storage space.

The fastest way to reclaim the required storage space is to delete or archive a small number of large, rarely used files. But, the question is how to find these large, rarely used files on a disk with hundreds of thousands of files? FlexSize, which is capable of analyzing storage utilization patterns, will help you.

FlexSize is a storage utilization analysis tool. FlexSize is capable of scanning huge file systems containing millions of files and visualizing storage utilization patterns. The tool allows one to detect storage space concentration hot-spots and export storage utilization reports into a number of standard formats such as HTML, Excel CSV and ASCII text.

FlexSize Express


FlexSize Express Beta 1.4.38

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